The Sixth Discipline ?

Many of us are familiar with the book, the 5th Discipline by Peter Senge.

In summary his 5 disciplines are:

• 1st. Personal Mastery – as an artist would approach a work of art
• 2nd. Mental Models – deeply ingrained assumptions of mental images that influence how we understand the world and how we take action
• 3rd. Building Shared Vision – when there is genuine vision, people excel because they want to
• 4th. Team Learning – engaging in true dialog with their minds open.
• 5th. Systems Thinking – the integrative discipline that links the four disciplines above, is used to analyse patterns in an organization by looking at it in a holistic way.

I advocate that there is another, a 6th Discipline, Keeping Relaxed – conducting business in a non-stressed, relaxed, calm yet incisive manner, re-setting your Mental-Models for relaxation.

Some other terms used for being stressed are ‘tense’ or ‘wound-up’ and these accurately reflect the state you need to move out of.

Most people can only do this using time – and this is often too slow in a business environment. Mindfulness has become popular because it is a useful tool for decreasing the amount of time it takes to de-stress, unwind, de-tense, re-focus or release. For some people this comes relatively easily, for others they need guidance, tools and techniques to help them.

Being relaxed is a more difficult state to attain than most people recognise. When you ask someone when they relax best they will often say over a bottle of wine on the beach etc. That is more than relaxed, it’s chilled out. But this happens rarely when they are at work.

Here, I mean relaxation as being non-aggressive, non-stressed, calm, able to think straight, un-flustered, yet sharp and able to focus.

Being relaxed is a state, and as such you can move into or out of it. And many people move out of it far quicker than they can move into it!

Often the only way of determining if you are relaxed is to know what non-relaxed is and then find the opposite of that feeling, but not many people are equipped with the tools to do that.

Ask somebody who is stressed to relax and you’ll get the I am %$&*ing relaxed! At the other end of the scale, some people may be lucky enough to have jobs where they can be chilled-out at work.

For those that find it difficult to move into a relaxed state of Mindfulness, I advocate using some innovative new tools and techniques. Threnergy – Mindful Connectivity, provides a set of Mental-Models, reference tools, for calming mind and body, to help move into and keep in a relaxed state.

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